Dennis Prager 20190925 – 2 Russia Hoax Redux

It’s Russia all over again, but now it’s the Ukraine which is funny because Ukranians don’t like the Russians… Dennis reads the call transcript and deconstructs…

Dennis Prager 20190925 – 1 Transcript

The President releases the transcript of his call with the President of Ukraine. Seems like a perfectly appropriate call. But Democrats see it as proof of… hmm… not exactly sure. But whatever it is, it’s worthy of impeachment.

Dennis Prager 20190924 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Losing the Nobel

Dennis talks to Brian Keating, professor of astrophysics at UC San Diego. His book Losing the Nobel Prize: A Story of Cosmology, Ambition, and the Perils of Science’s Highest Honor is now out in paperback. He also presents a popular PragerU video, What’s a Greater Leap of Faith: God or the Multiverse?

Dennis Prager 20190924 – 2 Global Warming Orthodoxy

If you are in the climate science field and you dare to violate the prevailing orthodoxy, prepare to lose your career and your friends. How many people are willing to do that? Only the courageous buck the tide.

Dennis Prager 20190924 – 1 Unhappy

There are a lot of unhappy young climate “activists” out there. Someone should share the good news: nuclear power could solve all our global warming problems, such as they are… The President condemns globalism in his UN speech today. The Left is very upset… Dennis talks to Travis Barham, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom. He’s representing a professor at Shawnee State College who has run afoul of the transgender movement.

Dennis Prager 20190923 – 3 A World War

Jerry Nadler thinks global warming is worse than another world war. Does he really believe that? Does Joe Biden really believe his own Charlottesville Lie? Why do self-respecting adults care about what kids think about climate change, especially one as angry and arrogant as Greta Thunberg?

Dennis Prager 20190923 – 2 Oxygen of the Left

Hysteria is the oxygen of the Left. The children’s crusade on behalf of global warming and the Ukraine “scandal” are the two latest examples… Dennis talks to Jerome Hudson, Entertainment editor for His new book is 50 Things They Don’t Want You to Know.

Dennis Prager 20190923 – 1 People over What?

“Climate Rebels” (read: spoiled brats) shut down DC traffic to “force” officials to save the world from global warming catastrophe. One fool holds up a sign that reads “people over profits.” What does that mean? Will these people be prosecuted?… Dennis talks to John Solomon, investigative reporter and columnist for The Hill about the Ukraine Whistleblower “Scandal.” Does Joe Biden have more to fear than the President on this issue?

Dennis Prager 20190920 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: how did Dennis come to love classical music; do PragerU videos play on the Chrome (Google) browser; is it ethical pray for someone without their permission.

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