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Dennis Prager 20191105 – 3 Ultimate Issues Hour: Moral Sickness

With a few notable exceptions, wherever there is a college, there is sickness: moral sickness. We saw a good example of this at an Elizabeth Warren rally in Grinnell, Iowa. Where does this moral sickness come from? And how does it get in the minds of young people? And why didn’t candidate Warren, a former college professor, have a better answer to the student’s “I hate America” question?

Dennis Prager 20191105 – 2 The 36

There’s a Jewish legend that the world exists for the sake of 36 Righteous people. Dennis was deeply impressed by his guest last hour. He might be one… Anyone who buys drugs in the US is complicit in the crime wave in Mexico. Americans buy the drugs the cartels sell… Emma Watson describes herself as being “self-partnered.”

Dennis Prager 20191105 – 1 Polar Bears Thriving

Polar bears are doing just great, according to Canadian native tribes… A hideous massacre took place in Mexico this morning. Nine members of a Mormon family were murdered by Mexican drug gang… Dennis talks to Jason Hill, professor of Philosophy at DePaul University. His new book is We Have Overcome: An Immigrant’s Letter to the American People.

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