Dennis Prager 20191126 – 2 Voting at 16

A town in MA wants to give 16-year-olds the vote. Callers react… Dennis talks to Dale Bannon, Assistant National Community Relations and Development Secretary for The Salvation Army.

Dennis Prager 20191126 – 1 Wisdom from the Past

Young people are not being taught about the great ideas of the past. They are taught the great ideas of the present. That’s more exciting… Michael Bloomberg is not exactly Mr. Charisma… Kids are now being taught to “unlearn” Thanksgiving.

Dennis Prager 20191125 – 3 Harvard Yale

A couple hundred students stormed the field at halftime during the Harvard Yale football game. They were protesting the schools’ fossil fuel investment policies… Michael Bloomberg has thrown his hat in the Democrats ring… Dennis talks to Ann Coulter about her recent experience at Berkeley. 2000 people protested her speaking there.

Dennis Prager 20191125 – 2 No Nuke Pope

Pope Francis advocates for all nations to give up their nuclear weapons. Really? Nuclear weapons saved hundreds of thousands of lives in World War II. It also prevented Russian aggression in the Cold War… Dennis and callers deal with the football player and racial charge issue…

Dennis Prager 20191125 – 1 Gratitude Week

This is Thanksgiving week. The world is a dark place without a sense of gratitude… After smashing the head of an opposing quarterback, Myles Garrett asserts that the QB called him a racial epithet, thereby justifying his savage response. No one else heard the epithet… Dennis talks to John Solomon, investigative journalist. The topic is Ukraine.

Dennis Prager 20191122 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: I am a middle aged woman and you helped me to choose family over a career; how do I get my husband to have sex with me more often; why are you against taking your children to see drag queen readings; is King James version really the best version of the Bible?

Dennis Prager 20191122 – 1 Humiliating

The Democrats have humiliated the President of Ukraine, by all accounts good and decent man. Ohio Republican Mike Turner brought this home in yesterday’s hearing… How did the Protocols of the Elders of Zion get into the hearings?… You can convert from a man to a woman, but you can’t convert from gay to straight, according to the AMA, yet another once noble organization overtaken and ruined by the Left.

Dennis Prager 20191121 – 3 Pete Who?

Mayor Pete has rushed ahead of the Democrat pack in Iowa and even New Hampshire. The Dems have to ask themselves: does he have national appeal?

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