Dennis Prager 20200625 – 2 Chopped

The CHOP project is now concluded. All comrades are urged to go home and vote for Joe Biden… Minneapolis leftists hate the police until they need them…

Dennis Prager 20200625 – 1 Why So Many Hoaxes?

Why are there so many race hoaxes? Because there is almost no racism. Why else would you need to manufacture a hoax?… There have a been a dozen of noose hoaxes over the last few years… Dennis talks to video journalist, Ami Horowitz. He asked New Yorkers whether they wanted to defund the police.

Dennis Prager 20200624 – 3 Uncle Ben

Why is Uncle Ben an example of racism?… To stand up to the Left you need truth and courage… A CNN commentator says we need to “uproot” our country’s foundation… Major medical organizations pander to the systemic racism lie. They actually have to lie about themselves to have it make any sense.

Dennis Prager 20200624 – 1 Fake Noose

The “noose” in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage turns out to be an ordinary garage door pulley. It had been there for months, long before Bubba Wallace showed up. Is Bubba relieved? Is he happy to announce that this clearly wasn’t racism? Hmm, no… Dennis talks to Everett Piper, former President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University. Why aren’t evangelical pastors taking a united stand against Black Lives Matter’s anti-family, anti-Christian agenda?

Dennis Prager 20200623 – 2 No George

A prestigious high school in Nashville decides that, in light of current events, George Washington is no longer worth celebrating… It’s hard to keep track of the statues that are being brought down by leftist mobs… The Left is the iceberg. Can we avoid it?

Dennis Prager 20200623 – 1 Kimmel Skewered

Jimmy Kimmel is in trouble for admitting that men have salacious thoughts about attractive young women. He said nothing wrong… An opinion piece in the NY Times announces that men menstruate, men have babies. Who’s laughing now Bill Maher?

Dennis Prager 20200622 – 3 Read, Writing and Racism

A radical, leftist “social justice” curriculum is coming to a local school near you… One of the heads of BLM admits she’s “a trained Marxist.” Everything the Left advocates is based on a lie.

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