Dennis Prager 20201030 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issued raised include: Hundreds of polling places are closing in Iowa due to Covid; If Biden wins will you move to Sweden; Disagrees about masks. You’ll get people killed with what you say; Why should young people vote Republican; Rides motorcycles knowing the risks.

Dennis Prager 20201030 – 1 Smashed Up Businesses

Small businesses are being crushed by the lockdown and the riots… Philadelphia does little to stop the riots or punish the rioters… Dennis talks to Karin McQuillan columnist for American Greatness. She wonders where the Dems are getting unprecedented amounts of money.

Dennis Prager 20201029 – 3 Maskless

Dennis talks to Joseph A. Ladapo, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of General Internal Medicine and Health Services Research at UCLA. He wrote a piece for the WSJ that masks have been oversold as a preventative measure… Dodger star, Justin Turner, tested positive and celebrated with his teammates. LA sports writers condemn his “selfishness.” The sports writers should be condemned for their hysteria.

Dennis Prager 20201029 – 2 What’s at Stake?

What’s at stake in this election? Simple: America… The media and the Dems (same thing) want to make it about one man, Donald Trump. But this one man has accomplished great things. Do the American people recognize this? We will soon find out… Mob violence is a monopoly of the Left… Dennis talks to Matt Sharp, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom.

Dennis Prager 20201029 – 1 No More Election Day

There is no such thing as Election Day anymore. It’s Election Month. What is this point of this? It’s just going to delay results — maybe by weeks if the election is close… Another Islamist terror murder in France; another beheading… A doctor at a major medical center writes that we can’t stop a virus or even slow it down wearing masks. We need to live with and manage the virus… The Girl Scouts caved to the Twitter mob.

Dennis Prager 20201028 – 3 Open Up!

Lockdowns should not be in your “option bag” except in the most extreme situations. Those situations don’t exist. We need to open up now… Dennis talks to Jocko Willink, former Navy SEAL and host of the popular Jocko Podcast. His new book is Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual Mk1-MOD1.

Dennis Prager 20201028 – 1 Shutdown Lockdown

Big Tech is in DC for Senate hearings. Senator Ted Cruz asks tough questions. Twitter’s Jack Dorsey doesn’t have good answers… Big Tech protects Joe Biden from criticism. It censors scientists and doctors who object to the lockdown. Free speech is getting very expensive… Five minutes of mainstream conservative ideas is too much for the Left… Nigerians love President Trump.

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