Dennis Prager 20200930 – 3 No Sense

When you look closely at what Joe Biden actually said, you have a hard time making sense of it… The President wants to open up the economy. The former VP wants to keep it closed.

Dennis Prager 20200930 – 2 Biden Insulted

Joe Biden repeatedly insulted the President… Biden refused to answer any tough questions. When the President pushed him to answer, Biden just offered insults…

Dennis Prager 20200930 – 1 Trump Interrupted

The debate last night was chaotic to say the least. There was no clear winner. But, as predicted, much of what the President said has been misrepresented by the media. The biggest misrepresentation was, of course, that he failed to condemn white supremacists…

Dennis Prager 20200929 – 1 ACB

Dennis is deeply impressed by Amy Coney Barrett, the President’s nominee for the Supreme Court… The only prediction about tonight: the media will declare Joe Biden the winner no matter how the debate goes… Even the President should be allowed privacy re: his taxes. Tax avoidance is not the same as tax evasion…

Dennis Prager 20200929 – 2 Lockdown Disaster

The lives of millions have been ruined around the world by the lockdown and to what end?… Dennis plays clips from ACB remarks accepting the President’s nomination… Vitamin D appears to be an excellent preventative against the coronavirus… Cal State Long Beach closes down after five students test positive.

Dennis Prager 20200928 – 2 Tax Returns

Charlie Kirk sits in for Dennis, and wants to know who leaked President Trump’s tax information. The Left is going to tell you that this is the biggest story of the year, it is not.

Dennis Prager 20200928 – 1 A.C.B.

Charlie Kirk sits in for Dennis, and discusses President Trump’s new Supreme Court nominee: Amy Coney Barrett. The Left has been attacking her all weekend. Joe Biden compared the President to Goebbels.

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