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Dennis Prager 20200923 -3 Devolving

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… Bob plays the press conference in which the Kentucky AG explains the grand jury decision. The AG happens to be black… Are we interested in justice or we are interested in caving in to angry groups in hopes that they won’t hurt us…

Dennis Prager 20200923 -2 Teaching Racism

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… Ohio schools have to teach their teachers and staff about their “unconscious racism.” This critical race theory nonsense will do nothing, but promote bad feeling between whites and blacks… Bob talks to Ian Rowe, Senior Visiting Fellow with The Woodson Center… Will Louisville erupt in violence tonight now that BLM didn’t the indictments they wanted.

Dennis Prager 20200923 -1 Louisville Lockdown

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… Louisville is locked down — not because of the virus but because the city fears riots if a grand jury doesn’t charge Louisville police officers with the murder of Breonna Taylor. The police were at her drug dealer boyfriend’s apartment with a legal warrant; the boyfriend shot at the police; Taylor was hit by return police gunfire. How is that murder? Why are cities shut down by threats of unrest?

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