Dennis Prager 20200831 – 3 PragerU

Dennis talks to Marissa Streit, CEO of PragerU. PragerU has grown substantially over the last few months as people realize it is one of the few places you can go to get the truth… The death toll for coronavirus may be greatly exaggerated. Will we ever know the real number?… Museums in California are dying. They have no business…

Dennis Prager 20200831 – 2 Deplatform

Conservative Internet sensation, the Hodge Twins, have been threatened with deplatforming by Facebook… Dennis talks to Richard Florczak, chef to the stars and owner of Flame Pizzeria in Reseda, CA. The lockdown has made it virtually impossible to run a restaurant…

Dennis Prager 20200831 – 1 Murder in Portland

A conservative supporter of the President is murdered in Portland over the weekend. The suspect is an AntiFa member… Jacob Blake has been described in saint-like terms by the major media, the truth is far different…Washburn College in Kansas has removed statues of Jefferson and Franklin. No one asked them to, but they’re worried someone will.

Dennis Prager 20200828 – 3 Open Lines

Dennis returns to the President’s speech last night… Dennis talks to Huub Rijpert, high school student in the Netherlands and PragerForce member.

20200828 – 2 Happiness Hour: Making a Choice

Happiness is a choice. This is a fundamental Happiness Hour belief. Congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn, his guest yesterday, paralyzed after an accident, is a good example.

Dennis Prager 20200828 – 1 President Speaks

The President accepted his party’s nomination last night. He gave a powerful speech… Dennis plays clips… Upon leaving the White House, guests, including Senator Rand Paul, were assaulted by “protestors.” …The question is not if you like this candidate or that candidate; the question is, who will do a better job for the nation.

Dennis Prager 20200827 – 3 Kenosha

Dennis talks to Ami Horowitz, video journalist. He’s in Kenosha, WI… Dennis talks to Jeff Erneste, a PragerU donor in Minneapolis.

Dennis Prager 20200827 – 2 Children’s Crusade

There’s a lot of data to suggest that school-less students are suffering… The DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) is making serious strides in New York state politics… Dennis talks to Madison Cawthorn, Republican candidate for 11th Congressional district in NC and PragerU fan.

Dennis Prager 20200827 – 1 RNC

It was another successful day for the Republicans at the RNC… VP Mike Pence gave an excellent speech… The Republicans speakers have been every bit as diverse as the Democrats… The lockdown has been destructive and cruel

Dennis Prager 20200826 – 3 Raise Your Fist

A group of “protestors” demand restaurant patrons raise their fist in support of BLM. When one woman refuses to go along, she’s harassed… The left doesn’t fight real. The left fights America. The right fights Iran… Dennis talks to Cole Waymeyer, a PragerForce student at Boone County High School in Kentucky.

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