Dennis Prager 20200826 – 1

If the President is always appealing to his white supremacist base, why does he so often promote his black supporters? … Dennis talks to Christiana Holcomb of Alliance Defending Freedom. ADF is defending the right of women to compete against women.

Dennis Prager 20200825 – 3 Scaredy Cat

If he could have, Joe Biden would have shut down the country in 2009 during the Swine Flu. He’s ready to shut down the country now… Maximo Alvarez, Cuban American businessman, gave a powerful speech in defense of liberty…. Global tourism is expected to lose 100 million jobs thanks to the lockdown.

Dennis Prager 20200825 – 2 Bodyguard

Dennis talks to Charlie Kirk, founder and president of Turning Point, USA. He spoke last night at the Republican Convention. He described the President as “the bodyguard of Western Civilization.”…Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan gave one of the best speeches last night. He effectively summarized the Democrats’ corruption

Dennis Prager 20200825 – 1 Day One

The Republican Convention began last night… A police shooting leads to two nights of rioting in Kenosha, WI. Joe Biden attributes it to “systemic racism.”… The former VP promises to shut down the economy if “the scientists” tell him to… Dennis talks to Debra Luke, PragerU Legacy Society donor.

Dennis Prager 20200824 – 3 Uprising

Dennis talks to Diamond and Silk (Lynnette and Rochelle Hardaway), fierce and funny supporters of the President. Their new book is Uprising: Who the Hell Said You Can’t Ditch and Switch?… A hockey commentator is cancelled because he said men are distracted by women

Dennis Prager 20200824 – 2 Riots in Denver

There were riots in Denver over the weekend… The sick cancel culture is alive and well. A news anchor in Cleveland was summarily fired for using the term “colored.”

Dennis Prager 20200824 – 1 Radical Teachers

According to a recent poll, 81% of teachers support BLM. Many plan to teach its doctrines in their classrooms. Chicago teachers don’t want Catholic schools to open… Dennis talks to Lee Smith, investigative journalist. His new book is The Permanent Coup: How Enemies Foreign and Domestic Targeted the American President.

Dennis Prager 20200821 – 1 Figure Head

Biden will be whatever the activist wing of his party wants him to be. In his acceptance speech last night, he didn’t say a word about the riots and destruction of American cities… Meanwhile, he continues to spread the lies of Charlottesville and “systemic racism.”

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