Dennis Prager 20200821 – 3 Open Lines

Dennis departs from usual format to continue with clips from Joe Biden’s speech last night… Dennis talks to Ezekiel Zaruba, PragerForce member and high school student in Claremont, CA.

Dennis Prager 20200821 – 2 Happiness Hour: Time to Grow Up

Dennis talks to Stephen Marmer, psychiatrist in private practice in Brentwood, CA and member of the clinical faculty of the UCLA Medical School. He presents the new PragerU video this week, “It’s Time to Grow Up.” Developing maturity goes hand in hand with becoming a happier person.

Dennis Prager 20200820 – 3 The Power of Questions

Dennis talks to Trey Gowdy, political analyst for Fox News, former state and federal prosecutor and former member of Congress from South Carolina. His new book is Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: Using the Power of Questions to Communicate, Connect, and Persuade.

Dennis Prager 20200820 – 2 Unprecedented

Who pushed for more lockdowns? Democrats or Republicans? If it was up to Donald Trump the lockdown would have ended on Easter… Dennis talks to Sabrina Kosmas, the new director of PragerForce.

Dennis Prager 20200820 – 1 More Empty Speeches

It was more “hate Trump” last night at the Democratic Convention. Former President Obama led the way with a personal attack… Parts of major cities are taken over by thugs, but the President is the threat to democracy? It’s all backwards… Lyft (and soon Uber) have suspended their ride services in California. The Dems strike again.

Dennis Prager 20200819 – 1 Stick Figure

Joe Biden is a stick figure. He barely exists. But the Democratic Party and its leftist policies exist. That’s what voters need to know… Jill Biden speaks sweet-sounding nonsense in her “convention” speech… Dennis talks to Candace Owens, host of the Candace Owens podcast for PragerU and founder of the Blexit movement.

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