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Dennis Prager 20201026 – 3 Testicular Fortitude

The New York Times laments that the dream of a John McCain/Mitt Romney Republican Party is gone. They blame Donald Trump. They are correct. Trump has given Republicans strength. That, the NY Times can’t abide… Dennis talks to Phelim McAleer. Producer and director of the new film about the Russia Witch Hunt, Obamagate: the Movie.

Dennis Prager 20201026 – 2 Iran Is the Enemy

The President recognizes that Iran is the enemy, not Israel. His common sense has made the chances for peace in the Middle East possible… Ayan Hirsi Ali sees a connection between the Cancel Culture Left and Islamists… Dennis talks to Elaine Parker, Chief Communications Officer for Jobs Creators Network and the Keep America America campaign.

Dennis Prager 20201026 – 1 Virus or Lockdown

What do you fear more? The virus or the lockdown? Your answer says a lot about you… The upper class left supports the lockdown. The elites can work at home. They don’t lose a dollar of income. But the restaurant worker can’t work from home. His livelihood depends on restaurants being open and thriving.

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