Dennis Prager 20201222 – 2 Pelosi Lies

Nancy Pelosi says that there are “people around here” who believe in faith, so don’t believe in science. Of course, she doesn’t name anyone; for good reason, she can’t. She made it up… Dennis talks to Eric Eggers, senior reporter for the Government Accountability Institute. His most recent PragerU Video “How to Steal an Election: Mail-in Ballots” has proven to be prescient.

Dennis Prager 20201222 – 1 Soviet State

Dennis spent five days in Florida. He felt like he was leaving a free state for a police state (California)… It turns out that coronavirus scold, Dr. Deborah Birx celebrated Thanksgiving after telling everyone not to. Of course, she’s a member of the elite. So, the rules are different for her…

Dennis Prager 20201221 – 3 What’s His Secret?

Nick Adams guest hosts for Dennis… What is Joe Biden’s secret? He lost every bellwether county in the country save one (which he barely won) and still managed to be the most popular candidate ever. He makes Barack Obama look like a poor campaigner… Nick talks to Jerome Corsi, investigative journalist. Who is behind “the steal”?

Dennis Prager 20201221 – 2 Hard to Believe

Nick Adams guest hosts for Dennis… It’s hard to believe that Joe Biden, who almost did no campaigning, turns out to be the most successful candidate in terms of vote getting in American history… If the President is so hated how did he get 12 million more votes than in 2016?…

Dennis Prager 20201221 – 1 Promises Made, Promises Kept

Nick Adams guest hosts for Dennis…. Nick reviews many of the President’s triumphs… Nick talks to comedian and social commentator Evan Sayet. His new book is The Woke Conspiracy… When you look at all the anomalies in the recent presidential election, it’s hard not to conclude that foul play was involved.

Dennis Prager 20201218 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers sent the agenda. Issues raised include: do Jews believe in an afterlife; who is suppressing free speech; why is Dennis against same-sex marriage; is Dennis worried about emergency rooms being flooded with Covid cases.

Dennis Prager 20201218 – 1 Back in Florida

Going from California (lockdown state) to Florida (no lockdown) reminds Dennis of leaving Eastern Europe in the 1970’s and going to back to Western Europe. Breathing the air of freedom is a great relief… Georgia Republicans have an obligation to their fellow Americans to vote in this upcoming runoff election.

Dennis Prager 20201217 – 3 Fight On

Mark Isler guest hosts for Dennis… Mark pays tribute to his close friend, one of America’s leading thinkers, Bruce Herschensohn. Bruce passed away last month… No matter how this election ultimately turns out, we have to keep fighting for America and the values that make it exceptional.

Dennis Prager 20201217 – 2 Courage

Mark Isler guest hosts for Dennis… The Democrats will stop at nothing to win. They proved it in this last election… How do we prevent this from happening again?… It’s critical that we win in Georgia.

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