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Dennis Prager 20210419 – 3 Fake Catastrophes

Dennis talks to Patrick Moore, Founding Member of Greenpeace. He’s also made four videos on the environment for PragerU. His new book is Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom… Duante Wright’s life led to his death, not police racism… Dennis returns to the parent who has had enough with leftist indoctrination of his children.

Dennis Prager 20210419 – 2 Masks Forever

Are we doomed to wear masks forever? It certainly seems that way. Dr. Fauci keeps telling us that we need to wear a mask even if we get the vaccine… Are we headed toward vaccine passports?… If you get the vaccine, why do you fear me, who has not been vaccinated?… Those on the Left live in fear — fear of global warming, fear of covid, fear of conservatives stating their opinions.

Dennis Prager 20210419 – 1 Ready for Riots

Minneapolis readies for riots as the Chauvin trial enters final arguments… A parent at an elite private school in NYC speaks out against the leftist indoctrination… Dennis talks to James O’Keefe, founder and president of Project Veritas. James is suing Twitter, CNN and the New York Times.

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