Dennis Prager 20210531 – 2 The Brave

Dennis continues to honor the brave men and women who died serving our country, by having listeners call in with their stories. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on May 27, 2013.

Dennis Prager 20210531 – 1 USS Iowa

From the dock of World War II Battleship the USS Iowa in San Pedro, CA. A tradition on the show, Dennis takes calls from people who wish to honor the fallen. A Best of Dennis Prager Hour. A Best of Prager Hour. Originally broadcast on May 27, 2013.

Dennis Prager 20210528 – 3 Who Is Racist?

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… Anybody can be racist. If you’re white, black, red, or green you can be a racist. To suggest otherwise is absurd… Crime is up everywhere. We can thank BLM and the Woke for that. And who suffers? Of course, it is law-abiding citizens in bad neighborhoods. These people need more police protection, not less.

Dennis Prager 20210528 – 2 Sell Outs

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… Heroes like Larry Elder and Candace Owens are called sell-outs. Wrong! They are the ones who want the black community to reach its full potential. The BLM leaders, Al Sharpton, and others are the true sell-outs. They profit and the black community loses… Racial profiling makes sense in certain circumstances. This is only common sense… It’s a big mistake to federalize the police.

Dennis Prager 20210528 -1 The Power of Money

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis…Former wrestling star, now actor John Cena kowtows to China, retracting a comment that Taiwan is a sovereign nation. It was an act of cowardice in the shadow of Memorial Day when fallen heroes showed real courage… Sports is a form of ministry because it brings everyone together — or should…

Dennis Prager 20210527 – 3 Fair and Right

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Girls should not have to compete against biological boys. This should be a self-evident truth, but in the Bizzarro World we are now living in nothing is self-evident… Social media has ramped up levels of hate to previously unknown levels…

Dennis Prager 20210527 – 2 Conflation

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The drumbeat for January 6 Commission is all about making Trump voters implicit in the January 6 “riot.” It’s a cynical Democrat/Legacy Media ploy. Republicans shouldn’t fall for it.

Dennis Prager 20210527 – 1 Coming for Your Guns

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Yesterday’s exaggerations are today’s accurate assessments… It used to be an exaggeration to say that Democrats are coming for your guns. It’s not an exaggeration anymore… The Wuhan Lab conspiracy turns out not to be a conspiracy…

Dennis Prager 20210526 – 3 Changed

Dennis talks to Julie Hartman, senior at Harvard. She describes her experience of coming out of the conservative closet; and the role Dennis and PragerU in helping her do so.

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