Dennis Prager 20210630 – 3 Home of the Brave

Dennis uses PragerU video “Is the National Anthem Racist?” to explain exactly why the anthem is anything but racist… Dennis talks to Brad Thompson, professor of political science at Clemson. He presents the new PragerU this week: John Adams: American Founder and Second President.

Dennis Prager 20210630 – 1 Demonetized

YouTube demonetized Brett Weinstein’s channel because he dared to raise the possibility that Ivermectin and other inexpensive therapeutics might help people protect themselves against Covid… The medical profession has not distinguished itself during the Covid crisis… Doctors have been moved by politics more than medicine.

Dennis Prager 20210629 – 2 Take Them Out

The best thing you can do for yourself, your children and your country is take your kids out of their school and home school. How hard is it to do? Callers tell their stories.

Dennis Prager 20210628 – 3 Delta Plus

WHO wants those who have been vaccinated to wear masks — just to be safe… Another athlete wants to use her celebrity to dump on the United States… The head of the Joint Chiefs justifies why the military leaders should study “anti-racism.” Despair-making.

Dennis Prager 20210628 – 2 Biden Praise

Dennis salutes the President for saying that the US will make sure that those who helped the US in Afghanistan will be evacuated before we pull out all our troops… Dennis talks to Stephen Moore, chairman of the task Force on Economic Revival for Freedom Works, a free-market think tank. He also edits the great daily “Unleash Prosperity” newsletter.

Dennis Prager 20210628 – 1 Safetyism

We’re living in the Age of the Safetyism. One aspect of this: young couples are eschewing parenthood. Why take the risk they say? But is the purpose of life to play it safe?

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