Dennis Prager 20210622 – 2 Reimagine

Universities are at the center of foolish ideas, like reimagining police… the stupidest of the woke ideas. Trump was right about clearing old brush to prevent CA wildfires, he was dismissed when he said it, and now California will spend half a billion this year to thin its forests to lessen the chance of wildfires.

Dennis Prager 20210622 – 1 Facing Reality

Dennis talks to Charles Murray, Hayek Emeritus Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute. His new book is Facing Reality: Two Truths about Race in America. It wasn’t fear of Covid that lead to the useless masks, it was fear of what people would say about you not wearing one.

Dennis Prager 20210621 – 3 No Good Apples

Dennis talks to Julie Hartman, senior at Harvard, and returns to Dr. Aruna Khilanani explaining why she said there are ‘No Good Apples’ among white people.

Dennis Prager 20210621 – 2 Dropped

Most of those who looted in NYC last summer are not being prosecuted. The prosecutor’s office is apparently too busy pursuing Donald Trump… The Left is doing everything it can to provoke a race war. It promotes hatred of whites… The Left doesn’t hate evil. It hates people who fight evil.

Dennis Prager 20210621 – 1 St. George

Dennis was in St. George over weekend, giving a speech and admiring the values of his largely Mormon audience… The moment you ask “what’s the price?” in relation to a social policy, you become a conservative… The lockdowns have been a public health disaster. It accomplished almost nothing and caused great harm… Is there anything more nonsensical than “unconscious racism”?

Dennis Prager 20210618 – 3 Which Was Worse

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Don’t play the game of comparing moral outrages. It’s a moral dead end… Don’t compare moral values of the past with the moral values of the present. Every epoch has its own moral context.

Dennis Prager 20210618 – 2 Juneteenth

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… President Biden has declared June 19 to be a national holiday. This is about political theatre; it’s not about racial healing… Why are the Democrats so upset by voter integrity reforms? Because they want to be free to cheat. Sorry, not again…

Dennis Prager 20210618 – 1 Hot

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Temperatures soar around the Southwest. It has nothing to do with man-made global warming… What did Biden get out of the G7 and NATO summits? Absolutely nothing. But Putin got a lot.

Dennis Prager 20210617 – 3 Not Hope, Duty

We are morally bound to fight for this country and its freedoms. It’s not hope that should motivate us; it’s duty… The role of government for the Left is to take of you; the role of government for the Right is to enable people to take care of themselves… Dennis talks to Jack Phillips, Colorado baker, and Ryan Bangert, senior counsel for ADF. Phillips’ new book is The Cost of My Faith: How a Decision in My Cake Shop Took Me to the Supreme Court.

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