Dennis Prager 20210625 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: does America have the right to know what their kids are taught in public schools; are men suspicious of woman who look like men or have male features; how about mascots for PragerU; is there a 20th century composer you prefer; why do you think more talk show hosts won’t go into politics; why did you choose to stay on the same time frame as Rush Limbaugh?

Dennis Prager 20210625 – 1 How to React

The unbelievable tragedy of the collapse the apartment building in Miami Beach raises serious questions. How do you look at your life when you’re hit by horrible luck?…Do we say that there are more than two genders in the rest of the animal kingdom? Only humans have more than two? That’s science?… Another study demonstrates the value of Ivermectin against the virus… Another study demonstrates lockdowns have been a disaster.

Dennis Prager 20210624 – 3 Speechless

Dennis talks to Michael Knowles, host of the Michael Knowles Podcast on the Daily Wire and The Book Club for PragerU. His new book is Speechless: Controlling Words, Controlling Minds.

Dennis Prager 20210624 – 2 Blut und Boden

Over the last 20 years church membership has dropped from 70% to 50%… while ideological fervor has risen. Dennis dissects the latest article America Without God from Shadi Hamid, The Atlantic, who asks: Will the quest for secular redemption through politics doom the American idea?

Dennis Prager 20210624 – 1 Drop in the Ocean

There is important information out there, but the mass media overwhelm us with half-truths and lies… Parents in Loudon County, VA are fighting back against CRT. We need this kind of grass roots action everywhere. Time to take stand… Dennis talks to Joseph Charney, retired Los Angeles County deputy district attorney. Major cities are becoming lawless thanks to progressive policies and prosecutors.

Dennis Prager 20210623 – 3 Disinformation

A pastor in Canada who lived in communist Poland warns Canadians (and Americans) about what’s coming from the Left — disinformation, lies and tyranny… Dennis talks to Joel Peterson, former chairman of Jet Blue and professor in the business school at Stanford. The creator of thousands of jobs, Peterson had to teach at Stanford to find out that he’s a racist (he’s not).

Dennis Prager 20210623 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Sexy

Victoria Secret is no longer going to feature attractive models. Outspoken lesbian activist and womens sports star Megan Rapinoe is their new spokesperson. Is it wrong for women to try to make themselves attractive to men?

Dennis Prager 20210623 – 1 Science Dismissed

There’s a lot we don’t know about the vaccines. Why is this information being kept from the public?. Some serious side effects have been popping up, especially among the young. Politics has superseded science…

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