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Dennis Prager 20210611 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: I’m a middle age parent and feel powerless regarding the indoctrination of kids; You start a campaign for all to attend local school board meetings; Home schooling is not as difficult as you think once you begin; I presented “Happiness is a Serious Problem,” in 8th grade; Please give an example of one thing American Left has done which is evil; Could the pandemic be a judgement from God; Please comment on compact disks vs old fashioned vinyl; I made it through Obama but not sure I’m not sure I’ll make it through Biden Harris; My son’s 2nd grade class rebelled when teacher TRIED to give all the trophies; Thank you for the “So What?”

Dennis Prager 20210611 – 2 Happiness Hour: Family Problems

It’s normal for families to have problems —sometimes serious problems. Knowing this can you give some perspective on happiness. Your family issues are duplicated countless times by other families. See the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

Dennis Prager 20210611 – 1 Teen Epidemic

There is not a Covid crisis among teens. But there is a crisis of depression brought on by the lockdowns… YouTube has suspended Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson for daring to discuss Covid therapeutics. The man is a US senator… The American Psychoanalytic Association publishes a scholarly piece on “parasitic whiteness.”

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