Dennis Prager 20210521 – 1 Blind Obedience

Why are we demanding children and young people be given the vaccine? This is not a knock on the vaccine. It’s just that the young are not at any serious risk of the virus. Nor do they pose a risk. Why give them a vaccine for something which is not a threat to their health?… Universities are ruining the country. They are turning out uneducated, unhappy and ungrateful graduates.

Dennis Prager 20210520 – 3 Breaking the News

Dennis talks to Alex Marlow, editor in chief of Breitbart News Network. His new book is Breaking the News: Exposing the Establishment Media’s Hidden Deals and Secret Corruption.

Dennis Prager 20210520 – 2 PREP

Dennis talks to Justin Kite, head writer of PREP (PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents). PREP launched its first history cartoon for young kids this week… Would our military be more or less effective if women made up half of our military forces?

Dennis Prager 20210520 – 1 What Works?

What turns someone from the left to the right? Why do people wake up to lies of the left?… Callers have stories… The Mayor of Chicago won’t talk to local journalists who are white… Israelis have really failed at genocide. The Palestinian population has steadily increased…

Dennis Prager 20210519 – 3 America’s Promise

Dennis takes a call from a mother in Chicago who wants to know what she should ask the principal of her children’s Catholic school. Jason Whitlock, sportswriter who has worked for ESPN and Fox Sports. He presents the new PragerU video, “America’s Promise.”

Dennis Prager 20210519 – 1 Affluent, Secular, and Bored

California Leftists are trying to cancel math because: “correcting answers forthrightly is a form of white supremacy.” Dennis discusses the current state of affairs in Israel with Felice and Michael Friedson, editors and publishers of The Media Line, a Middle East News agency.

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