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Dennis Prager 20210528 – 3 Who Is Racist?

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… Anybody can be racist. If you’re white, black, red, or green you can be a racist. To suggest otherwise is absurd… Crime is up everywhere. We can thank BLM and the Woke for that. And who suffers? Of course, it is law-abiding citizens in bad neighborhoods. These people need more police protection, not less.

Dennis Prager 20210528 – 2 Sell Outs

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… Heroes like Larry Elder and Candace Owens are called sell-outs. Wrong! They are the ones who want the black community to reach its full potential. The BLM leaders, Al Sharpton, and others are the true sell-outs. They profit and the black community loses… Racial profiling makes sense in certain circumstances. This is only common sense… It’s a big mistake to federalize the police.

Dennis Prager 20210528 -1 The Power of Money

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis…Former wrestling star, now actor John Cena kowtows to China, retracting a comment that Taiwan is a sovereign nation. It was an act of cowardice in the shadow of Memorial Day when fallen heroes showed real courage… Sports is a form of ministry because it brings everyone together — or should…

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