Dennis Prager 20210518 – 2 Pursuit of Meaning

Leftists are bored out of their minds. A black professor was interviewed by CBC radio, stated that he could see “gassing whites.” The Jewish interviewer, whose grandparents survived the Holocaust, shared how sorry she was that the world made the professor feel that way.

Dennis Prager 20210518 – 1 Coming Out

Dennis laments that we have entered a time and space in the United States where you need to parrot lies to keep your livelihood: Men give birth, America was founded in 1619, and Israel is the aggressor. The second an adjective is added to the word “justice,” it ceases to be about justice at all.

Dennis Prager 20210517 – 3 No Money of Its Own

Mark Isler guest hosts for Dennis… Biden Administration is spending money not merely like a drunken sailor, but like a drunken navy. But the government doesn’t have any money; it just takes money from us… Inflation is coming.

Dennis Prager 20210517 – 2 Missing The Donald

Mark Isler guest hosts for Dennis… Maybe you didn’t like Trump’s tweets (or maybe you did), but the fact remains: he made this country stronger and more prosperous. Yes, corona derailed many of his economic plans, but he would have gotten us back on track. Now we’re stuck with ol’ Joe and things are getting worse — fast.

Dennis Prager 20210517 – 1 100 Days

Mark Isler guest hosts for Dennis… Joe Biden has been president for a little more than a 100 days and it feels like the country, if not the rest of the world, is coming unglued. Jimmy Carter looks good in comparison… We wouldn’t be in this Middle East mess if Trump were still in the White House…

Dennis Prager 20210514 – 3 No Caitlyn

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… Caitlyn Jenner is a not a good look for the Republican Party. Yes, we need to get rid of nettlesome Newsom, but CJ is not the right person to replace him. And the reason is not because she’s transgender, it’s because she’s not a strong conservative… Republicans can’t win with “conservative-lite.”

Dennis Prager 20210514 – 2 Brain Scrub

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… Our culture has been brainwashed by the left oligarchy — media, academia, Democratic Party. Covid madness allowed them new opportunities to brainwash and they’ve seized them all. All good conservatives must stand up and fight back.

Dennis Prager 20210514 – 1 They Don’t Care

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… The Democrats don’t care about “the little guy.” They never have. They never will… All President Biden had to do was follow what Trump did — he had a vaccine, a secure border, peace in the Middle East. By doing the opposite, he’s taking us in the wrong direction – fast.

Dennis Prager 20210513 – 3 About Face

The CDC plans to announce that it will drop mask requirements for fully vaccinated people. Dennis wonders how this will be regulated. Human Rights Watch accused Israel of apartheid in April. Dennis examines an article in the Wall Street Journal: Appropriating ‘Apartheid’ to Bash Israel. Dennis breaks down Michelle Obama’s take on the George Floyd verdict: Blacks still need to worry about ‘walking our dogs,’ ‘we have fear in our hearts.’

Dennis Prager 20210513 – 2 Thrown Over a Desk

Dennis talks to Seth Dillon, CEO of the Babylon Bee. He presents this week’s PragerU video, “Killing Comedy.” Dennis revisits his appearance on Bill Maher’s show in 2019, where he was mocked for saying: men can menstruate… is a lie.

Dennis Prager 20210513 – 1 Fear Itself

A new poll suggests that people who take the vaccine are still afraid of getting Covid… Brian Williams accuses Senator Ron Johnson of being a Russian “asset.” The Russia Hoax never dies…Dennis talks to David Brog, Founder of Emergency Committee for America. He is also the author of Reclaiming Israel’s History and a PragerU presenter, “Why Isn’t There a Palestinian State?”

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