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Dennis Prager 20210712 – 3 Forced

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… The idea that Americans are being forced to get vaccinations is very disturbing. Never mind that the vaccine has not approved by the FDA, what happened to “my body, my choice”? Take the vaccine if you want to. That’s fine. If you don’t want the vaccine, you can’t be forced. Not in America.

Dennis Prager 20210712 – 2 Holding Them Back

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… It’s not Republicans who are holding back minorities. It’s the Democrats. Republicans wants minorities and others to thrive, to take full advantage of the American dream. Republicans believe they can. The government just has to get out of the way. In contrast, the Democrats want minorities dependent on the government, to believe that they need government intervention to succeed.

Dennis Prager 20210712 – 1 Cuba Libre

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… Protests erupted across Cuba over the weekend. The Cuban people want to be free. Tellingly, they waved American flags. The Biden Administration were slow to show support. But they finally have. Will the leftist Dems in Congress fall in line? Nothing from Bernie Sanders yet.

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