Dennis Prager 20210727 – 2 Believing Lies

Those on the Left have to believe giant lies; or otherwise, they can’t be a Leftist. This is a brainwash, plain and simple… A NY Times letter writer is glad she will never have grandchildren because the world is burning up. This is the smoking gun as to how mentally unsound and unnatural leftist-thinking is.

Dennis Prager 20210727 – 1 Promoting Hate

The governor of California referred to those who don’t get vaccinated as “drunk drivers.” He is campaigning to vilify a group… The most courageous thing you can be is committed to truth… Dennis talks to Jill Simonian, Director of Outreach for PREP (PragerU Resources for Educators and Parents)… Olympians are performing without crowds. How sad. If they win, they have to wear a mask on the victory stand. Even sadder…

Dennis Prager 20210726 -3 Authoritarian Moment

Dennis talks to Ben Shapiro, co-founder of The Daily Wire, host of The Ben Shapiro podcast, and this year’s PragerU Commencement Speaker (“Taking on Woke Inc.”). His new book is The Authoritarian Moment: How the Left Weaponized America’s Institutions Against Dissent.

Dennis Prager 20210726 -2 Media Brainwash

The media can make people believe almost anything. The Left controls the media. This is a very scary prospect… Widespread protests took place across Western Europe protesting masks mandates and vaccine passports… Dennis talks to PragerForce Student, Katelyn Ide, 19 — Texas Woman’s University… 53 people were shot in Chicago over the weekend; 7 died. The Left blames guns.

Dennis Prager 20210726 -1 Olympic Bust

The Olympics are off to a very slow start. Ratings are near all-time lows. This is partly because there is no one in the stands; partly because a lot of athletes have expressed anti-American sentiments… A woman celebrates not having a grandchild because of Global Warming… Dennis talks to Elaine Parker, Chief Communications Officer for Job Creators Network.

Dennis Prager 20210723 – 1 Defending Common Sense

Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, has said kids will not have to wear masks in school in his state… China, not the USA, is the source of much of the world’s carbon emissions. He who has the energy wins… The Cleveland Indians are no longer. They are now the Cleveland Guardians. A century tradition vanishes in a puff of PC smoke…

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