Dennis Prager 20210826 – 1 Elect Elder

Dennis talks to Larry Elder, candidate for governor of California. He has instilled a sense of hope for the future of the once Golden State. What are his chances of winning?… Corporate America has been completely taken over by the Woke. Verizon is just the latest example.

Dennis Prager 20210825 – 3 Hang Fire

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis and takes your calls. Topics include: the California recall and the likely fraud that will ensue; questions about the Pfizer vaccine, let’s amend never let a crisis go to waste to… never let a crisis go; Lester Holt will interview a Capitol Police officer from Jan. 6th, will this ever end; 2nd Timothy “they will not endure sound doctrine”; hope for the CA recall; Antony Blinken’s live address on Afghanistan withdrawl.

Dennis Prager 20210825 – 2 Rock And A Hard Place

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis and takes your calls. Topics include: COV-spiracies; the Afghanistan debacle; the Trumpian DeSantis; a clueless President Biden is better than Kamala Harris in charge; we don’t need weak Republicans, we need strong Conservatives; prepare thyself for gender preferred pronouns.

Dennis Prager 20210825 – 1 Undercover Of The Night

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… This has been a great two weeks for the bad actors of the world. This includes the Taliban, of course, but every other terrorist group in the world as well. China, Iran and N Korea are also feeling good. They know they have nothing to fear from the Biden Administration. The world is now less safe than it was eight months ago.

Dennis Prager 20210824 – 2 Exiting

Let’s be honest: even if we left Afghanistan in an organized way, the Taliban would have taken over the country… Biden is a professional politician. He has no convictions… Dennis talks to Alex Berenson, investigative journalist. Why is Israel, a fully vaccinated country, seeing a resurgence of the virus?

Dennis Prager 20210824 – 1 Speaking Truth

A father in Colorado blows up the CRT lie… Why do we insist that kids wear masks? UK doesn’t. Sweden doesn’t. And there is no evidence that their kids are getting Covid at a higher rate than our kids. It’s miniscule in any case… Many studies have noted that mask wearing harms kids — psychologically and physically.

Dennis Prager 20210823 – 3 Mask Madness

We have done a terrible disservice to our children by forcing them to wear masks. Who is following the science? It’s not the mask police… Dennis talks to Jodie Esponda, a PragerU Kids mom. She homeschools her four children

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