Dennis Prager 20210927 – 2 Climate Psychologist

Yes, there really is such a thing as a “climate psychologist” – a made up profession offering made up solutions to a made-up problem… High school students in Oklahoma want to be able to bare their midriffs. Where does this nonsense comes from?… Does the Left believe its lies?

Dennis Prager 20210927 – 1 Breakdown

Covid has very little to do with health anymore. It has a lot to do with power… Getting reliable Covid stats is not easy… If our health care establishment focused more on therapeutics instead of being obsessed with vaccines, we’d be much better off.

Dennis Prager 20210924 – 3 J6 Eye Witness

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… Caller Don from Clarksville, TN… shares his firsthand knowledge of what transpired on January 6, 2021 at the Capitol. Bob turns the discussion to the border, as the inaccurate numbers of Haitian immigrants are being reported. Callers weigh in.

Dennis Prager 20210924 – 2 Follow the Money

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… Remdesivir/Ivermectin are the preferred treatment for hospitalized Covid patients according to the F.D.A., Bob list all the negative side effects, and shares that the W.H.O. has recommended against it. Callers weigh in.

Dennis Prager 20210924 – 1 Side Effects May Include

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… Bob’s lovely wife noticed that television, rampant with drug commercials, always has a laundry list of possible side effects listed that drugs advertised may cause… but, never with the Covid-19 vaccine. Why?! Callers weigh in.

Dennis Prager Porn and Video Games

According to USA Today: This fall, women outnumber men on two-year and four-year college campuses by millions. Nearly 60% of students are women while only about 40% are men, an education gap that has been widening for decades. Why is it happening, does it matter?

Dennis Prager 20210923 -2 Climate Anxiety

A new study finds a growing number of young people are worried about the world warming into oblivion. They are angry at their parents for not doing enough. Is this anxiety justified?… Dennis talks to Jason Isaac, fellow at the Texas Public Policy Foundation. He presents the new PragerU video “The Great Texas Freeze of 2021.”

Dennis Prager 20210923 -1 Deliberate Destruction

The Democrat Party undercuts every value that has built this nation… The Democrats are trying to get as many people as possible addicted to government handouts as possible… Dennis talks to Todd Zywicki, professor of law at George Mason U and fellow at the Cato Institute. The topic is vaccine mandates.

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