Dennis Prager 20210922 – 1 O Canada

Canada stays left. They decide to keep their global warming alarmist prime minister in power — Justin Trudeau… Florida’s Ron DeSantis is the nation’s best governor. He appoints a terrific new surgeon general… Dennis talks to Tom Spence, president of Regnery Publishing. Conservative books are being banned and the American Library Association couldn’t care less.

Dennis Prager 20210921 – 1 Winning Friends

Will Witt and Amala Ekpunobi guest host for Dennis… Leftism shuts down dissent. Conservatism encourages it… Does the American Dream still work for young people?

Dennis Prager 20210920 – 3 The Sage

Dennis talks to Larry Elder, recently candidate for governor of the failed state of California. It took him less than two months to become the most charismatic politician in America, save possibly one… It turns out that many Americans like being ordered around.

Dennis Prager 20210920 – 2 Pledge of Allegiance

Teachers in Oregon and California promote America hatred… Dennis talks to Will Witt, wildly popular PragerU influencer. His new book is How to Win Friends and Influence Enemies: Taking On Liberal Arguments with Logic and Humor.

Dennis Prager 20210920 – 1 Get the Kids

Pfizer says their vaccine works for small children. So what? Why do small children need to be vaccinated? They’re not at risk… White UK orchestra players are fired because they are white… The Washington Post wants a travel ban for the unvaccinated…Is there any state school loonier than the U. of WI?…

Dennis Prager 20210917 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: a student she met in China said Mao was a great poet and a modern father to China; 13 y/o wants to talk you about homeschool; what is the difference between a right wing and a left wing fascist government; there is no proof that agape means unconditional love; thank you for your Yom Kippur service speech on liberty versus tyranny; you recommended Mao the Unknown Story, it is very eye opening, he was a monster.

Dennis Prager 20210917 – 1 Freedom Less

The more secular a society becomes, the less freedom that society has… Does the Left believe its own lies about masks? Behavior by Gavin Newsom, Nancy Pelosi and many others would say no… Will half the American public believe anything the corporate media tell them?… Kids are anxious about their future — thank you, global warming alarmists.

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