Dennis Prager 20211122 – 1 Terror in Wisconsin

A convicted felon with a long rap sheet plowed his car into a crowd at a Thanksgiving parade. This is a few days after the Rittenhouse verdict; in the same state; after the media had lied endlessly about Rittenhouse. Coincidence? … Rittenhouse is not the villain of the piece; he is the hero. He represents the best of America…

Dennis Prager 20211119 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: did Dennis expect Rittenhouse to be declared not guilty on all charges; who is more an authoritarian, Biden or Trump; how do you keep an even keel.

Dennis Prager 20211119 – 1 Rittenhouse Awaits

The Rittenhouse case looks to be headed to a hung jury… Fauci says if you don’t have the booster, you’re not protected. How long will the booster last?… The Dems new spending bill, if passed, will be a disaster. Not only will it harm the economy, even worse, it will hurt the character of the American people. It’s very hard to get off the addiction of government money.

Dennis Prager 20211118 – 3 Origins of Covid

Dennis talks to Matt Ridley, best-selling science writer and member of the House of Lords in the UK. His new book (with Alina Chan). His new book is Viral: The Search for the Origin of COVID-19.

Dennis Prager 20211118 – 2 Sweden Free

Sweden never had a major lockdown, never had mask demands, kids continued to go to school. If the virus is worldwide, why wasn’t this country been decimated. In fact, it’s done far better than most. Could it be that they have more natural immunity than the rest of Europe or USA?

Dennis Prager 20211118 – 1 Addiction to Entitlements

If the Dems manage to add another $2T to the budget, the danger will be first to the economy and second and more importantly to the character of the American people. Dependence on government handouts is very tough to break…

Dennis Prager 20211117 – 3 Genderized

A high school student is suspended because he upheld his belief that there are only two sexes. That would be male and female (in case you forgot)… Austria clamps down on anyone who doesn’t have the vax. The police can check anyone anytime… Why are countries like Austria and Germany that are so highly vaccinated seeing a surge in cases?

Dennis Prager 20211117 – 2 Male/Female Hour: Objectified

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski has written a new book of her life as model. What does it mean to be considered a sex object? What does objectification really mean? Is it necessarily bad? Dennis has theories. Callers weigh in.

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