Dennis Prager 20211117 – 1 No Good Info

Trying to get good information about the virus. You’ll have a very tough time. You can’t find it on Google or any other search engine… Jen Psaki says no economist thinks adding trillions of government money to the economy will add to inflation. No economist?

Dennis Prager 20211116 – 2 Rittenhouse, Pt. 2

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Mark continues with the Rittenhouse case. The prosecution has acted dishonestly… Was Kyle Rittenhouse an irresponsible kid who had no business being in Kenosha? Or was he a hero who volunteered to do what the police and the state government should have been doing —protect life and property.

Dennis Prager 20211116 – 1 Rittenhouse, Pt. 1

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Mark considers the ramifications of a Kyle Rittenhouse verdict — if the jury comes back with acquittal or the jury comes back with a conviction.

Dennis Prager 20211115 – 3 Overreach

A second court has slapped down the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandates… Los Angeles high school students feel anxious about just about everything, according to a new survey… NYPD officers are moving to Florida. They want to work in pro-police communities.

Dennis Prager 20211115 – 1 Asian Food

The Left tries to discredit the judge in the Kyle Rittenhouse case by calling him a racist. He made a joke about the supply chain bottlenecks and referred to Asian food. Viola! He’s encouraging violence against Asians… Covid has brought out bad ideas and worse from people who were once considered rational.

Dennis Prager 20211112 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: worked with a Holocaust Survivor and wants to share his story; why it is racist you don’t see color; how the left use fear yet what about how religion inflicting fear; have you ever had an encounter with someone you knew who was dead; the authorship of the Torah, what is your opinion on it; father was an Army Infantry Korea Combat soldier and left a box of all his medals and letters yet his dad never talked about it.

Dennis Prager 20211112 – 1 Stop the Spread

There are no indications that anyone with natural immunity to the virus spreads the virus… Kyle Rittenhouse is this year’s Nick Sandmann, but the stakes for Rittenhouse are obviously much higher. He could go to prison. The case should never have gone to trial…

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