Dennis Prager 20220622 – 1 Tot Shots

Parents rush to vax their tots. But there’s almost risk to kids. So why do we give them the shot?… There is strong anecdotal evidence that young teens, especially girls, who have been indoctrinated to believe that to be white is to be, looks to transgenderism as an outlet for their white guilt.

Dennis Prager 20220621 – 2 Not Green

We have spent billions to promote green energy. It has gotten us almost nowhere environmentally-speaking. We are still dependent on fossil fuel… Once beautiful downtown Portland is turning into a hellhole. Is it a coincidence that almost all drug use in the city is now legal?… The International swimming organization is banning transgender swimmers from competing against women.

Dennis Prager 20220621 – 1 Resentment

Resentment is an extremely powerful emotion. It prevents people from thinking clearly… Dennis talks to Brandon Tatum, former police officer and now Salem Radio talk show host. The subject is what the cops did or didn’t do in Uvalde.

Dennis Prager 20220620 – 3 Back to Harvard

Pete Hegseth, co-host of Fox and Friends Weekend, is returning his diploma to Harvard. He’s fed up with Harvard’s ultra-woke policies that are poisoning young minds… Dennis talks to Matt Walsh, host of the Matt Walsh podcast on The Daily Wire. His new book is What Is a Woman?: One Man’s Journey to Answer the Question of a Generation which is based on his new, wildly successful documentary (directed by Justin Folk) What Is a Woman?

Dennis Prager 20220620 – 2 Always Wrong

One of Dennis’s axioms is “Germany is always wrong.” Angela Merkel made one disastrous decision after another. She let in a million immigrants from N. Africa; she killed nuclear power; and she trusted Russia for Germany’s energy needs… The US is headed toward a Chinese social credit system. How do we stop it?

Dennis Prager 20220620 – 1 Delayed

There were massive travel delays this weekend. Round up the usual excuses — weather, not enough staff, not enough pilots. But they aren’t satisfying. This is another consequence of the destructive lockdown and foolish mandates…

Dennis Prager 20220617 – 3 Making Boys into Men

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… Boys need fathers. And men need to be responsible fathers. There’s no important social role they can play… Women can do a lot, but they can’t fulfill the father role… Callers have their “my dad” stories.

Dennis Prager 20220617 – 2 Moms and Dads

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… Both parents play a crucial role in raising kids, each in their own way. Dad is often the butt of jokes. That’s fine — there’s plenty of room for goofy dad humor — but it should never get to the point where family members lose respect for the head of the household.

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