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Dennis Prager 20220902 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: What if your parents are not honorable, how should you honor them; Do you find the phrase to “Jew someone down” offensive; Will you eat plant-based bacon; Have you ever discussed using age of consent laws in regard to transgender surgery; Would like to explain the Christian perspective on the unconditional love of God; If Jews are the chosen people by God then what did they do to earn that honor; My mom abused me, and I struggled with it… until I had a revelation.

Dennis Prager 20220902 – 1 Gratuitous Hatred

What was the theme of President Biden’s very bad speech? “If I can get half the country to fear the other half, then I’ve done my job. And the NY Times will love me.” Biden did not offer a single example of how President Trump impaired democracy during his term. His singular obsession is January 6, a stupid riot by some stupid people. This is the Dems “Reichstag fire”: a simple reference to January 6 and you can say or do anything to your political opponents… Dennis plays clips from the speech and comments.

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