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Dennis Prager 20221212 – 3 Thinking about Iran

Julie Hartman guest hosts for Dennis… Iran is one of the most dangerous and morally backward countries in the world, a major sponsor of terrorism and anti-Israel hate. It wasn’t always this way. Actually, it’s relatively new. Julie explores the modern history of Iran.

Dennis Prager 20221212 – 2 Gender Expression

Julie Hartman guest hosts for Dennis… Leftist teachers are determined to confuse children about their sexual identity. This is sick… China and Saudi Arabia are getting cozy as US under the Biden Administration loses relevance and influence… Julie talks to Vivek Ramaswamy, entrepreneur, and author of A Nation of Victims.

Dennis Prager 20221212 – 1 Twisted Twitter

Julie Hartman guest hosts for Dennis… The Twitter scandal is in full bloom. Julie lays out the new details that emerged over the weekend. When government gets involved in suppressing speech, we’re in trouble… The USA is responsible for the creation of the World Cup. Julie tells the story… Before the creation of museums, rich people had all the good stuff. Museums allow us to see the treasures of Western Civilization.

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