Dennis Prager 20221130 – 3 Freedom Isn’t Free

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… and is joined by Patrick Wood, Citizens for Free Speech, to discuss the erosion of freedom we’re experiencing. The availability and easy accessibility of pornography is staggering.

Dennis Prager 20221130 – 2 Drag Queen Why?

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… Be a drag queen if you want, but why this insistence on performing in front of kids? In libraries? That we’re permitting this and, in some cases, encouraging it does not speak well for us as a society.

Dennis Prager 20221130 – 1 Indefensible

Bob Frantz guest hosts for Dennis… The Democrats with help from 12 Republican senators have passed a new bill legalizing same-sex marriage. The problem: same-sex marriage was not in jeopardy, but now free speech and freedom of religious worship are. What if you refuse to participate in a same-sex marriage ceremony? Will the federal government now go after you as some states have gone after cake makers and florists?

Dennis Prager 20221129 – 2 Portland Down

A small business in downtown Portland closes its business. The store has been broken into fifteen times in the last to years. They can no longer be sure they can protect the safety of their own employees. A once beautiful city has gone down, another victim of pro-crime Democrats… MIT professor says it’s time to stop giving the vax to young people. Too many risks, especially heart inflammation…

Dennis Prager 20221129 – 1 Trashing America

When asked why he doesn’t condemn China civil rights violations, Golden State Warrior coach listed America’s failures… On Tucker Carlson last night, a Mt. Holyoke grad describes how she was saved from wokeism by PragerU videos…

Dennis Prager 20221128 – 3 Not Racism

The Left’s obsession with racism is counterproductive. It diverts attention from the real causes of disparities between blacks and whites… Japan still believes in traditional beauty contests… Wokeness is everywhere, including the world soccer games in Qatar…

Dennis Prager 20221128 – 2 Many Genders

San Francisco has a list of 130 genders if you want to qualify for their free money program… Have the Chinese had enough of lockdowns? There were large protests over the weekend. Given this is a communist country, people took a big personal risk.

Dennis Prager 20221128 – 1 Mocking Birds

The Stanford U. band mocked Mormonism at a half-time show in a game between Stanford and BYU. If you want to mock Mormons and Christians, you can do it without fear of criticism. Try mocking Islam and see what happens… Kanye West brought virulent antisemite Nick Fuentes with him to a meeting with former President Trump. West’s recklessness has hurt Candace Owens and now Donald Trump.

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