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Dennis Prager 20221108 – 3 If It Ain’t Close

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The only way to be sure of victory is for Republicans to win decisively, to overwhelm any attempts the other side might try to “alter” the final tally… What issues have the Dems been running on? Great economy? Low crime? They have nothing. Maybe that’s why they’ve been hysterically screaming democracy will end if conservatives win… Is abortion going to turn out to be a big voting issue for Democrats or a dud?

Dennis Prager 20221108 – 2 Possible, Plausible, Probable

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… The Republicans clearly have a chance to score a major victory today, but the polls tell us that every important race is going to be close. If they are and its days or weeks before we get the results, will Americans’ faith in the process be irreparably shaken?

Dennis Prager 20221108 – 1 Election Day

Mark Davis guest hosts for Dennis… Does the future of the country rest on this election? Why in the most technically sophisticated country in the history of the world does it take days and maybe weeks to get election results?… If Trump decides to run for President, will any Republican challenge him? Callers have thoughts.

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