Dennis Prager 20221230 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: is Dennis going to change his musical theme? Dennis thanks all the people who make his show possible. It’s a long list.

Dennis Prager 20221230 – 1 Open to a Stranger?

During the Buffalo blizzard a man was trapped in the snow. He needed a place to stay for the night or would freeze to death. He knocked on the doors of ten homes. No one would let him in. Would you have?

Dennis Prager 20221229 – 2 Hoax vs. Reality

2022 was another banner year for race hoaxes on college campuses. How many of these “racial incidents” have ever turned out to be true? Here’s the lesson: there is so little racism in America, you have to make it up.

Dennis Prager 20221229 – 1 South by Southwest

How does one explain the Southwest Airlines debacle last weekend? Is anyone going to get fired? Is it okay to be angry at the airline? Can you judge people by what makes them angry?

Dennis Prager 20221228 – 3 Transing No More

Sweden has decided that it won’t trans any more kids. The US is the most radical country in the world in this regard. This is a national shame… More votes on the show’s new theme, but should the theme be changed at all?

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