Dennis Prager 20221222 – 1 More Stanford

This once great university has turned itself into a national joke with its new speech guidelines… Dennis reviews some of the most egregious examples.

Dennis Prager 20221221 – 3 Warped Speed

University of Minnesota med school students pledge to fight ‘White supremacy’ at ceremony. If someone told you that they advocate for the chemical castration, sterilization, and physical mutilation of children and young adults, you’d probably think they were a monster. So why do progressives who push for “gender-affirming care” get a free pass? Kaylee McGhee White joins Dennis to discuss the latest Prager U video.

Dennis Prager 20221221 – 1 UC-PC

Grandpa wears makeup in viral J&B Whisky commercial with a message. We are going into a pre-Judeo-Christian world. Stanford locks ‘harmful language’ guide which cautioned calling US citizens ‘American.’ Are you visiting relatives of opposing political views for the holidays?

Dennis Prager 20221220 – 1 A Better Christmas

Pittsburgh no longer has a city Christmas Tree. It’s called a Unity Tree… Over the last two years the country with the least excess deaths? Sweden. Gee, they had no lockdowns, no mask mandates and kept their kids in school… The journalism school at U. of MO now instructs its students to avoid reporting anything that could offend anyone (on the left).

Dennis Prager 20221219 – 3 Laptop from Hell

Dennis talks to Miranda Devine, columnist for the NY Post. Her latest book is Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide… The January 6 Committee has referred criminal charges against former President Trump to the Department of Justice. Criminal prosecution of political opponents is stock in trade of totalitarians… A high percentage of women at women’s colleges identify as LGBTQIA+.

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