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Dennis Prager 20221107 – 3 Crime Rising

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… Crime is out of control across the country, but especially in big cities, all run by Democrats… City residents are angry, unhappy and afraid. The Democrats remain clueless. They won’t change their soft-on-crime policies. Will they pay a price at the polls on Tuesday?

Dennis Prager 20221107 – 2 No Clean Slate

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… The Lockdown Left wants us to forgive and forget. “We all made mistakes at the height of the Covid threat. We’re sorry. Now let’s move on.” No way. It wasn’t one lie, it was dozens. People lost businesses; their life’s work destroyed. Kids were kept from schools for no good reason. We need a full accounting of what happened, who was involved and why. Only then will we consider forgiveness.

Dennis Prager 20221107 – 1 Fearing Freedom

Carl Jackson guest hosts for Dennis… Why do we fear freedom? Carl confronts this perplexing question. Isn’t freedom what all human beings aspire to? The answer is: only if they are able to accept responsibility for their actions. Many people shrink from that.

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