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Dennis Prager 20230217 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: liberals want to feel good while conservatives want to do good, Ted Nugent quoted you on the radio; I homeschooled both my kids through high school, homeschooling does not save your kids from transgenderism; I’m a black conservative could you do a poll on how many black conservatives listen to you; I had polio and over the years I found myself not being a victim.

Dennis Prager 20230217 – 2 Happiness Hour: Your Nature

How does your nature affect your happiness? Can you be born happy? Can you be born unhappy? What impact does your environment have on your nature? Can you overcome your nature to be happy? These are not easy questions. Dennis tackles them head on.

Dennis Prager 20230217 – 1 Gun Control

If you want to impose “common sense” gun control, how do you intend to achieve it? And how you will achieve it while at the same time protecting the rights of American citizens… Why are people leaving California? The state has the best weather in the world, majestic mountains, and legendary beaches. Could it be high taxes, high crime, and crumbling infrastructure?

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