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Dennis Prager 20230911 – 3 A Mother’s Love

Dennis continues with the theme from the last hour: has feminism distorted our view of the value of motherhood?… The legalization of marijuana has been a policy failure. It will only get worse… The first big lie of the medical community: 50K people die every year of second-hand smoke. Now the medical community is lying about a host of issues.

Dennis Prager 20230911 – 2 Double Standard

A man runs over an 18-year-old because the teen expressed conservative views. The killer gets five years in prison. The leader of the Proud Boys gets 22 years and wasn’t even in DC during Jan 6… Can you love your child and hate being a mom? Is this what feminism has done to women?

Dennis Prager 20230911 – 1 Breaking Biden

The President is obviously mentally impaired. This has nothing to do with politics. It’s an objective fact. Yet the media keeps making excuses for him. It’s getting harder, especially after his G20 performance this weekend… An elementary school hires a drag queen as its principal… The military is now referring to their soldiers as “themself.”

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