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Dennis Prager 20200123 – 2 Unhappy

Dennis’s new column explains why so many young people are unhappy. In the first comment on his column, a young person blames Dennis and conservatives for his unhappiness… Dennis talks to students who are here for PragerU International gathering.

Dennis Prager 20200123 – 1 Unconstitutional

It’s Adam Schiff and his comrades who are abusing the Constitution, not the President… Utah has banned psychological counseling for teens questioning their biological sex. This is a terrible new trend…

Dennis Prager 20200122 – 3 Destruction

The Democrats have destroyed many traditions and institutions — all in pursuit of one man… Liberals are weak and naive, but not the force of destruction that the left is.

Dennis Prager 20200122 – 1 Distraction

The Impeachment Debacle is a way to distract from the President’s mighty achievements… Dennis talks to senior editor Joel Pollak about the first day of the trial…

Dennis Prager 20200121 – 2 Slavery

A Purdue diversity administrator accuses Dennis of saying that “slavery was not bad.” He never said such a thing and never would. As Dennis’s profile gets bigger, the lies said about him get bigger. Will this person apologize for telling a lie?

Dennis Prager 20200121 – 1 Historic Farce

The Impeachment trial starts today. It’s historic, but in a disgraceful way… Recent comments Dennis made on his PragerU podcast, The Fireside Chat, about the difference between private and public speech have generated a lot of controversy… A die hard Kansas City Chiefs fan stays home to avoid jinxing the team… A vice provost of inclusion and diversity at Purdue accuses Dennis of saying that “slavery was not bad.” This is an obvious lie.

Dennis Prager 20200120 – 3 Endorsement

The NYT endorses Liz Warren and Amy Klobuchar for President. Why both women? They couldn’t make up their mind? Or they couldn’t handle the heat of leaving one woman out?… Consumers don’t want electric cars… The Ukrainian Foreign Minister doesn’t know about any quid pro quo… Dennis talks to Lee Habeeb, columnist for Newsweek and founder and president of Our American Stories.

Dennis Prager 20200120 – 2 False Promise

Dennis talks to Sally Pipes, senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute. Her new book is False Premise, False Promise: The Disastrous Reality of Medicare for All.

Dennis Prager 20200120 – 1 The Saviors

The Left is constantly saving us from existential threats: from global warming to President Trump… Actor John Cusack speaks for Bernie and against “predatory capitalism” and “corporatism.” The world, he assures us, has 10-12 years til doom… NY Times contends that black teenagers experience racism 5 times a day… NYT Times says the President lied about casualties in Iran attack on US base. No, the NYT lied, not the President.

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