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Prager 20180213 – 2 Not Funny

Jimmy Kimmel continues his downward spiral from funny and charming late night comic to unfunny, leftwing political commentator… Unilever threatens to pull its ads from Internet if Google and Facebook don’t cleanse themselves of politically incorrect content…

Prager 20180213 – 1 Sister Dictator

A Washington Post writer fawns over the sister dictator of the N Korean leader. To make matters worse, she suggests that the Vice President is a male chauvinist who looks out of touch next to a powerful woman…. Dennis talks to Sharyl Attkisson, investigative journalist and host of the news magazine show, Full Measure.

Prager 20180212 – 3 Media Madness

Dennis talks to Howard Kurtz, Media Analyst for Fox News. His new book is Media Madness: Donald Trump, the Press, and the War over the Truth… Syria shot down an Israeli jet. Israel retaliated by destroying an Iranian base in Syria. Is this a serious escalation of Israel/Iran tensions?

Prager 20180212 – 2 Oppressed Eve

Was Eve the first example of #MeToo?… Did Communism fail because it didn’t have enough time to develop?… Is the rape of a name as destructive as the rape of a body?

Prager 20180212 – 1 Scandal Mongers

The media will do anything to tarnish this President. The Rob Porter resignation is the latest example. Why is this a crisis?… The usual media suspects fawn over North Korea at the Olympics. This is both shameful and embarrassing… Should we be celebrating Zapotec culture? What is Zaptoec culture?

Prager 20180209 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: does the Left believe that the America is a s—hole; how do you define a cult; are we mankind or peoplekind?

Prager 20180209 – 1 First Coach

Is first class going the way of coach?… Nancy Pelosi is proud that her grandchild wants to look his Guatemalan friend. That’s fine. But why does that make her proud?… Pope Francis keeps pushing the Catholic Church to the Left…

Prager 20180208 – 3 Against You

If the society tells you that you’re being oppressed, but you’re not, how do you break out of that mindset?… Dennis talks to William Happer, Emeritus professor of physics at Princeton University. He teaches the newest PragerU video “Can Climate Models Predict Climate Change?”

Prager 20180208 – 2 Cheapening Evil

Dennis returns to his conversation with black students yesterday. They were as shocked that Dennis didn’t think women were oppressed as they were that he didn’t think that blacks were oppressed… Dennis talks to Heather Mac Donald, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and contributing editor to City Journal.

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