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Prager 20180518 – 1 Another School Shooting

Eight to ten people have been killed at a high school in a town outside of Houston. Why are these shootings happening? Is it because people believe they have a “right” to their anger? Is it a twisted desire for fame?… Can we agree that something has changed in our society and it’s not the availability of guns?… The Left and the media are simply lying when they suggest that the President called all immigrants “animals.” He was referring to murderous MS-13 gang members.

Prager 20180517 – 3 The Feather Thief

Dennis talks to Kirk Johnson. The Feather Thief: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the Century. They also discuss Johnson’s work helping Iraqi and Afghani translators… New data from NASA suggests that the earth is cooling. Climate Change indeed.

Prager 20180517 – 2 Blame Hamas, Not Israel

Brett Stephens injects some truth into the anti-Israel editorial/opinion page of the New York Times… Dennis talks to Seth Leibsohn, fellow talk show host, best-selling author. He’s running for Congress in Arizona.

Prager 20180517 – 1 Leftist Vocabulary

Dennis received a letter from a listener describing the vocabulary words her daughter is learning at a Catholic School. It reveals a shocking leftist agenda… Dennis talks to Jack Mozloom, Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Media Relations for Job Creators Network… A school shooting was averted by a school official with a gun.

Prager 20180516 – 3 Democratic Socialists

Four women, all proud socialists, all proud Democrats, have won their primaries for seats in the PA legislature… Socialists never accept responsibility for failure.. Dennis talks to Douglas Murray, British journalist and author of The Strange Death of Europe. He teaches the newest PragerU video, “The Suicide of Europe”.

Prager 20180516 – 1 Ponzi

Sweden is failing as a welfare state, but all welfare states fail eventually… The left-leaning major media is inherently biased against Israel. NPR provides a good example…

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