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Prager 20180313 – 1 Pompeo In

Rex Tillerson is out as Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo is moving over from CIA to State. The new head of the CIA, Gina Haspel, is the first woman to head that organization. Think the President will get credit for that?… Hillary disparages half the American electorate at an event in India… Dennis talks to Keyvan Farmanfarmaian, PragerFORCE member at Westminster School, United Kingdom… Dennis is debating two Leftist students at Berkeley tonight.

Prager 20180312 – 3 The Middle East Problem

Dennis talks to Michael and Felice Friedson, Founders and editors of the, a Middle East News Service based in Jerusalem… The President has spent a time and effort to help union workers. Will they support him?… Why should we care about Stormy Daniels? It’s a private matter; and it happened a decade before he ran for President.

Prager 20180312 – 2 Happy Gender-Neutral Day

An English grocery chain is selling greeting cards for Mother’s Day without mentioning mom… Dennis talks to Christina Hoff Sommers, senior fellow at the American Enterprise Institute. She was shouted down at a Portland law school event last week…

Prager 20180312 – 1 NoKo

Dennis remains cautious about negotiations with North Korea. But it is amusing to hear all these former Obama officials express disdain for the proposed conference… The President of China has declared himself leader for life. These things rarely work out well… Dennis talks to Natalie Winters, a PragerFORCE student at Harvard-Westlake High School in Southern California.

Prager 20180309 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: how does one decide which moral laws in the Bible to follow; how do you comfort someone who has suffered a terrible tragedy. Dennis talks to Sarah Warren, a PragerFORCE student at Florida State U.

Prager 20180309 – 1 KimChi

The N Korean dictator wants to talk to the President… The Left struggles to give credit where credit is due… Dennis has a “race incident” in a parking lot… Why do we think we can expect reason and wisdom from indoctrinated teenagers?

Prager 20180308 – 3 Future Left

Dennis talks to Joel Kotkin, Presidential Fellow in Urban Futures at Chapman University. The topic is California’s radical leftist future.

Prager 20180308 – 2 Inclusion Rider

Hollywood has a new fad. It’s called an “inclusion rider.” The idea is to force the film and TV companies to hire actors and crew who reflect the racial make-up of the community. Hire the most talented people you can find? That’ so yesterday… The Kerner Report is 50 years old. It sent a destructive message: all the problems facing the black community were due to racism… Yale is looking for social activists… Dennis talks to Melody Meyer, U. of Tennessee, Chattanooga.

Prager 20180308 – 1 Parents Please

Should parents say “please” to their kids when them asking to do something? Does “please” undermine parental authority? Dennis has his theories. So do callers.

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