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Dennis Prager 20200519 – 2 Free the Children

Dennis talks to Dr. Robert Hamilton, pediatrician in Santa Monica, CA… Dennis talks to Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD. General practioner in New York who discovered the HCQ, Zinc, Zpak therapeutic for the coronavirus.

Dennis Prager 20200519 – 1 Trump HCQ

The President announced that he’s been taking HCQ prophylactically. The major media explodes in shock. How could he? Maybe he could because he’s a free American who weighs risks versus benefits… Dennis talks to video journalist Ami Horowitz about his new video.

Dennis Prager 20200518 – 3 American Crusade

Dennis talks to Pete Hegseth, host of Fox and Friends. His new book is American Crusade: Our Fight to Stay Free… Time to start thinking about lives of small business owners. Their businesses are in jeopardy.

Dennis Prager 20200518 – 2 Follow the Science

We aren’t following “the science.” We’re following the scientists… Epidemiologists lost their credibility when they declared that 50K people die every year from secondhand smoke… The Daily Beast writes an absurd story attacking Dennis for his coronavirus stance…

Dennis Prager 20200518 – 1 The Lying Left

It’s hard to fight through the lies of the left. There are so many of them… Barack Obama, in between calling for a transformation of the country, takes cheap shots at the President in a speech before black graduates… Dennis talks to Paul Creighton, the mayor of Atwater, CA. His city is defying the governor’s lockdown order.

Dennis Prager 20200515 – 3 Open Lines

Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: Where should I move. Colorado or Florida; Why do you love conducting orchestras, but dislike ballet; Yes, we should tithe according to the bible, but where is the line for a “godly” human when it comes to purchasing a vehicle?

Dennis Prager 20200515 – 1 XenoChina

The Left has rushed to defend China in the middle of the coronavirus crisis panic… Is it “xenophobic” to say China is responsible for this disaster?… The Left has contempt for the working class. Karl Marx certainly did.

Dennis Prager 20200514 – 3 Food Crisis

The lockdown is triggering a global food crisis. Who will suffer? Not the elites… Wisconsin Supreme Court strikes a blow for freedom… Dennis talks to Dr. Linda Lam, Director, USC Eye Institute and Associate Professor, USC Keck School of Medicine.

Dennis Prager 20200514 – 2 Neo Feudalism

Dennis talks to Joel Kotkin, Presidential Fellow, Chapman University. His new book is The Coming of Neo Feudalism: A Warning to the Global Middle Class… Doctors “in the trenches” are using HCQ.

Dennis Prager 20200514 – 1 Set Up

Dennis talks to Andrew McCarthy, former federal prosecutor. Now senior editor at National Review and legal analyst for Fox News. The topic is the Flynn situation…

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