Prager H1: Wrong Again?

Prager H1: Thirty years ago, liberals predicted a glorious new dawn of freedom following the Iranian Revolution. They were wrong. Are they wrong again about Egypt?.. A major league pitcher refuses to take millions owed to him in his contract. He didn’t earn it, so he doesn’t want it.

Prager H2: Fiscal Discipline

Prager H2: This year’s budget was a chance for the President to lead on deficit reduction. Instead, he’s increasing the deficit. The UK releases a terrorist implicated in the murders of 52 Britons after five years in prison… Dennis talks to Rick Santorum, former Pennsylvania senator and now senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center about Egypt and the budget. Nancy Pelosi’s “green initiative” for the Congressional dining room didn’t help anybody. It’s a perfect case study of Leftist feel-goodism. Democrats want to ban smokeless tobacco in baseball.

Prager H1: Back in the USA

Prager H1: Dennis returns from his two week listener cruise with thoughts on travel and the evils of communism. What are the chances of a good outcome in Egypt?

Prager H2: Pessimistic about Egypt

Prager H2: Dennis continues to discuss possible futures for Egypt. The Liberal media is full of optimism toward that country’s democratic future; Dennis doesn’t share their sunny view.

Prager H1: Mubarak Steps Down

Prager H1: Guest Host Dinesh D’Souza sits in for Dennis. With the breaking news that President Mubarak has stepped down from power in Egypt and the celebration in the streets, Dinesh talks about, the history that led to this event, the current state of radical Islam, and the Muslim Brotherhood. He is joined by author Dr. Anthony Bradley, author of Liberating Black Theology: The Bible and the Black Experience in America and Black and Tired. They discuss what motivates President Obama, his connections to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Marxism, and liberation theology v. colonialism.

Prager H2: Two Cheers, Not Three

Prager H2: Guest host Dinesh D’Souza discusses the Muslim Brotherhood moving forward. He is joined by Robert Carle, Associate Professor of Theology at The King’s College. They discuss Islam v. the West, the future security of Israel, and Sharia Law v. Democracy. Callers weigh in.

Prager H3: Modern Physics and Ancient Faith

Prager H3: Guest host Dinesh D’Souza brings in Stephen Barr, Professor of Particle Physics at the Bartol Research Institute and author of Modern Physics and Ancient Faith. They discuss Atheism v. Religion in the creation of the universe, is science based in faith, is it possible that both Genesis and the Big Bang Theory are true, and the idea of a multi-verse.

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