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Prager 20110617 – 3 Open Lines

Prager H3: Per usual, callers set the agenda. Issues raised include: what gives you the credentials to conduct orchestras; why are you “soft” on homosexuality; ever notice how men give nicknames to each other… and women don’t; do you think the type of car that a person drives reveals something about them; what are the odds that the United States will remain a great country?

Prager 20110617 – 1 Obamanopoulos

Prager H1: Dennis tackles the news of the day, topics include: the financial crisis in Greece; Pres. Obama & budget cuts; Syria continues to get little attention from our government; and do we have better educated children now, or before Jimmy Carter created the Department of Education.

Prager 20110623 -3 4th of July Declaration

Prager H3: Dennis and Prager University debut The 4th of July Declaration, a brief ceremony to help us acknowledge the meaning of our nation’s birthday.

Prager 20110623 -2 Flying Panties

Prager H2: US Airways lets a man dressed in panties, a bra and black stockings onto a plane. He wasn’t breaking any laws, so how could they stop him? That’s US Airways’ position. This incident is symptomatic of deep cultural problems.

Prager 20110623 -1 Pulling the Ripcord

Prager H1: Dennis reviews the President’s “we’re outta here” Afghanistan speech last night. The Taliban are staring at a calendar. The generals aren’t happy.

Prager 20110622 – 3 More Jim Crow

Prager H3: Liberals keep insisting that asking voters for an ID is a return to “Jim Crow,” but how could it be? Voter ID laws are not directed at blacks. Dennis talks to fellow talk show host and good friend about the Voter ID issue and the Republican candidates. Dennis also talks to Takis Michas columnist for protagon.gr and author of “The Black Book of the Greek Soviet Economy,” forthcoming from Oxis.

Prager 20110622 – 1 Holy Smokes

Prager H1: The FDA forces tobacco companies to put horror photos on cigarette packs. Following this logic, why not photos on liquor bottles?

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