Prager H2: Multiculturalism Failed

Prager H2: Guest host Mark Isler discusses the consequences of multiculturalism. British Prime Minister David Cameron spoke on the failure of multiculturalism. Callers weigh in. President Obama speaks on the possible resignation of President Mubarak.

Prager H3: A Shining Light Upon a Hill.

Prager H3: Guest host Mark Isler discusses the idea of American exceptionalism. The founding fathers established our country to be welcoming to all cultures; but crucial to America remaining a beacon of hope, those who come here must assimilate. Callers weigh in. Topics include: The possible German purchase of the New York Stock Exchange, health care, and Islamic government.

Prager H1: Islamic Democracy?

Prager H1: Guest Host Mark Isler sits in for Dennis. Mark speaks with former terrorist and current author Walid Shoebat on the state of Egypt and the future of the Muslim Brotherhood. Americans need to understand what is at risk with the rise of the brotherhood.

Prager H1: The Smoke Monster

Prager H1: Mark Larson sits in for Dennis, and discusses the new “Confession” phone app; Janet Napolitano and our current threat level; smuggling cell phones into prison and Michelle Obama’s appearance on the Today Show.

Prager H2: He Said, She Said

Prager H2: Mark Larson fills in for Dennis as the discussion on the President quitting smoking continues. Dick Morris drops in to talk about Obamacare and 2012, and Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The 5 Love Languages, gives advice on marriage and Valentines Day.

Prager H3: Green Acres

Prager H3: Filling in for Dennis, Mark Larson is joined by Christopher Horner, author of Power Grab, to talk about Global Warming. Mark then turns to A-Huff’s big deal with AOL.

Prager H1: Divine Conspiracy, Part 1

Prager H1: Guest host Frank Pastore sits in for Dennis. Frank discusses his past in the MLB, and his career ending injury that lead him to God. Frank speaks with author and USC professor Dallas Willard on his book “Divine Conspiracy”. Callers weigh in.

Prager H2: Divine Conspiracy, Part 2

Prager H2: Guest host Frank Pastore continues speaking with Dallas Willard on the foundations of the Christian faith, religion in politics, and the role of Jesus. Callers weigh in.

Prager H3: Teen 2.0

Prager H3: Guest host Frank Pastore discusses the myth of the adolescent brain. He speaks with Dr. Robert Epstein, author of “Teen 2.0”, on society’s treatment of teenagers and the history of the young-adult mentality. Research suggests adolescents are just as capable of commitment and responsibility as adults.

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