Prager H3: How Cold Is Cold?

Prager H3: It’s 8 degrees Fahrenheit in Minneapolis, dropping to -16 tonight, where Dennis is broadcasting from today; quite a change from Los Angeles… Has the Leftwing brainwash worked on you? How did you overcome it?… New studies reveal that the hysteria and near-hysteria about childhood allergie, especially to peanuts, has been wildly overdone.

Prager H1: Republicans Are Nazis

Prager H1: Congressman Steven Cohen, a Democrat from Tennessee, compares Republicans opposition to ObamaCare to the Nazis death campaign against the Jews. Sounds a little more incendiary than targets on a map, but let’s see how the media responds to Cohen’s tirade… The demonization of the Right has been the great weapon of the Left…

Prager H2: Should Target Be a Target?

Prager H2: Target Stores use a target for its logo. Isn’t it likely that the Arizona murderer shopped at Target? Could it be that he was influenced by all this martial imagery? After it was a target on a map that inspired him to kill people, according to the Left. Of course, that’s absurd, but how would you know?… Dennis explains why the House Republicans repeal of ObamaCare is significant… The new issue of Imprimus features an essay on the Korean War.

Prager H1: When the Cop Leaves the Beat

Prager H1: The Obama Administration has treated thugs like Syria with kid gloves. The neighborhood of the Middle East has only gotten the worse as a result… George Will catalogs the list of liberal plans that have failed over the last two years. The reason: the American people distrust big government.

Prager H3: In the Crosshairs

Prager H3: CNN host, John King, apologizes for a guest who used the phrase “in the crosshairs” in a political discussion. This is typical of how the Left throws common sense out the window in pursuit of their utopian visions… A large majority of doctors think that ObamaCare will make healthcare worse.

Prager H1: How Important Is Blood?

Prager H1: How important is blood? Not very. Here’s a good example. Michael Reagan, the adopted child of Ronald Reagan, honors and promotes his father’s values and memory; Ron Reagan, the biological son, dishonors his father’s values and memory. European Union Student Calendar (whatever that is) listed many religious holidays, but forgot one – Christian holidays. New research suggests that during first two years of college students spend more time partying and sleeping than studying.

Prager H2: Fatwa

Prager H2: In Egypt a fatwa was issued and approved by a major Islamic theologian endorsing the idea that Muslims can attack anyone anywhere who opposes Islam. Dennis talks to Roy Baumeister, Professor of Psychology and head of the social psychology graduate program at Florida State University. His new book is Is There Anything Good About Men?: How Cultures Flourish by Exploiting Men. Chris Matthews makes some very foolish comments about blacks and Conservatives to former RNC Chairman, Michael Steele. They say a lot about how liberals, even bright liberals like Matthews, think.

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