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Prager H3: Democrats Running from Democrats

Prager H3: Not only are Democrats running from the President, they are running from their own party. The first Medal of Honor has been awarded to a living recipient, a true hero. The trial for two murderers begins in Connecticut, their crime so horrific it’s hard to describe. Do you think this human scum deserves to live out their lives in prison? If you are against capital punishment, you do. Hillary Clinton says that this is the last chance for Mideast peace. It’s been the last chance since 1967.

Prager H2: Where Are the Demonstrations?

Prager H2: Is there general Islamophobia in the US? No. Is their growing ambivalence toward Islam? Yes. Why? Because nine years after 9/11, we’re still waiting for a big demonstration denouncing Islamist terror. Right now, the most common complaint we are hear is that Muslims in the US are victims. Dennis talks to Michelle Malkin, columnist, best selling author and Fox News analyst. Her new book is Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies.

Prager H1: Peace Train

Prager H1: Christiane Amanpour interviewed Imam Faisal Rauf about the Mosque at GZ. He accuses his opponents of being “disingenuous.” But the Imam, of course, is as pure as the driven snow. Never mind that he suggests that if the mosque is not built, there may be violence. Dennis talks to Winfield Myers of Campus Watch about Professor John Esposito of Georgetown University, a Saudi flak used by ABC as a disinterested expert in their mosque at GZ story on “This Week” . Dennis talks to John Eastman about who will file an appeal against Judge Walker Prop 8 decision. The governor won’t. The DA won’t. So who will do the people’s will?.. It’s a crime to buy light bulbs in Europe.

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