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Prager H3: War Within, War Without

Prager H3: We are at war within our country. This civil war, Left versus Right, is non-violent. The war without is violent. We are fighting very bad people and there are a lot of them. Liberal hysteric, Mike Malloy, foams against Dick Cheney and his daughter. A citizen group in Houston uncovers massive voter fraud. Quick: was this vote fraud orchestrated by Democrats or Republicans? And where was the government on this?.. Dennis talks to David Jaget, the founder of This is the first entertainment network oriented toward the conservative point of view.

Prager H2: Space Ambassador

Prager H2: The UN has appointed an ambassador to greet outer space aliens should they show up. . The woman who bravely started a “Draw Mohammed” campaign is now in a witness protection-style program. Dennis talks to Spencer Abraham, former Secretary of Dept of Energy for GWB and former senator from Michigan. His new book is Lights Out!: Ten Myths About (and Real Solutions to) America’s Energy Crisis.

Prager H1: Social Democrats

Prager H1: Are there any significant differences between the social democrats of Europe and the Democrats in the US? Not that anyone can see.. College students are now tilting right. Men are asserting themselves in this election and voting Republican. Desperate Democrats dig for dirt on opponents.

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