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Prager H3: Granddad

Prager H3: Dennis announces that he’s a grandfather for the first time. Dennis returns to the Delaware primary. Now we support Christine O’Donnell. Dennis talks to Nate Lamb, Cantor, Stephen S. Wise Temple, Los Angeles and producer of “100 Voices: A Journey Home” a documentary about a sentimental journey of 100 cantors to Poland and the new flowering of Jewish culture there.

Prager H2: Male/Female Hour: Alison Armstrong on What Makes Men and Women Feel Safe

Prager H2: Dennis talks to frequent guest, Alison Armstrong, renowned relationship expert and creator of the popular Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women seminars. Their topic is what makes men and women feel “safe?” They are totally different. And, as usual, men and women rarely have a clue of what the other is thinking.

Prager H1: Tea Party Uprising

Prager H1: Tea Party favorite Christine O’Donnell upset moderate Republican Mike Castle in Delaware. Conservatives want conservatives. They are tired of Republicans who cooperate with Democrats. Castle voted for cap and trade and against the surge. A female reporter goes into the locker room of the NY Jets dressed in high heels, skin tight jeans, and low cut blouse and is “sexually harassed.” Gee, how could that happen? Can male reporters go into the locker rooms of female athletes?

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