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Prager H1: Hysteria

Prager H1: The Economist reports that India will overtake China economically in the next couple of decades. The main reason: China’s one child policy, another bad Leftist idea born of hysteria. Europe, in its way, has imbibed in the same Zero Population Growth (ZPG) thinking and is now paying for it. Representative Alan Grayson, the disgrace of the Congress, comes under tough questioning by CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

Prager H2: Printing Money

Prager H2: The Fed is printing money and gold is rising. Democrats might lose Congress, but the President isn’t worried, he’ll just appoint more Czars. Tony Blair warns that radical Islam is gaining ground. Hispanics share the values of the Republican Party, so why do they vote Democrat?

Prager H3: No Courage, No Talent

Prager H3: An art professor at Stanford produces crude art depicting Jesus receiving oral sex from a man. For this he’s called courageous. Dennis talks to Nancy Pearcey, fellow at the Discovery Institute. Her new book is Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals, and Meaning. The issue of the debasement of the culture, and how the Democrat Party abets it, is another important key reason to vote Republican in this coming election.

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