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Prager H3: The Ten Commandments

Prager H3: Dennis talks to David Hazony, writer for New Republic and The Jerusalem Post. This is his first book. The Ten Commandments: How Our Most Ancient Moral Text Can Renew Modern Life.

Prager H2: Multiculturalism, Utter Failure

Prager H2: Angela Merkel, the President of Germany, declares that multiculturalism in that country has been an unmitigated disaster and should be abandoned. Multiculturalism, the belief that no culture is better than another, is a basic tenet of the Left. Dennis talks Cam Cavasso, running for Senate in Hawaii against Daniel Inouye, your classic, old school tax and spend liberal. Over the last two weeks, Cavasso has come on strong in the polls. A major upset is possible.

Prager H1: Van Tran

Prager H1: Dennis talks to Van Tran. Born in Viet Nam, he loves this country and all the opportunities it has given him. Now a Republican State Assemblyman in California, he is running for Congress against Loretta Sanchez, a liberal congresswoman who has never met a spending program she wouldn’t vote for. The President’s “fear and frustration” speech to donors a few days ago has caused consternation even among liberals. France is grinding to standstill over the government’s attempt to move the retirement age from 60 to 62. Businesses are fleeing California in waves. And, the citizens of that state are seriously considering electing another Democrat as governor?

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